The Division: Open Beta del 18 febbraio, i nuovi contenuti nel dettaglio

The Division, tutti i contenuti della nuova Beta su PS4, Xbox One e PC
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Tom Clancy's The Division, in uscita l'8 marzo su PS4, Xbox One e PC, offrirà una nuova fase Beta per tutti i giocatori il 18 febbraio. Ecco tutte le novità presenti nella fase di test.

Se è vero che The Division è atteso solo l'8 marzo su PS4, Xbox One e PC, già sappiamo che tutti i giocatori potranno lanciarsi in una nuova fase Beta a partire dal 18 febbraio, questa volta scaricabile da tutti su ogni piattaforma (The Division: Nuovo trailer per le Fazioni, Beta pubblica confermata). Open Beta che si differenzierà dalla precedente anche per i suoi contenuti, presentandosi assai più ricca e variegata, utile a farci un'idea più completa dell'ultima produzione di Massive Entertainment e Ubisoft. Sarà infatti presente una nuova missione legata alla trama principale, così come una ricompensa in-game da riscattare all'uscita, ma anche nuovi filmati tutorial, un bilanciamento della Zona Nera e misure di controllo contro i cheater, di cui molti si sono lamentati in precedenza.

Il colosso d'Oltralpe ha dunque pubblicato tutti i cambiamenti presenti nella nuova fase Beta di Tom Clancy's The Division, che vi riportiamo - in lingua inglese - a seguire.

New Mission Available to play, Subway Morgue
  • Encounter a new faction: The Cleaners
  • Explore a Mass Grave while trying to restore power to the city.
  • Rescue the missing Engineer, Paul Rhodes
Unlock an additional Wing in the Base of Operations
  • The first upgrade to the Twch Wing is now available
  • A new skill can now be unlocked: The deployable turret
Numerous Dark Zone updates and improvements
  • New High End weapons available in the Dark Zone
  • Refresh rate on Dark Zone chests has been greatly reduced
  • Non-player enemies in the Dark Zone have been significantly increased in number
  • Non-player enemies in the Dark Zone have been buffed slightly
  • The Manhunt Timer now pauses instead of refreshing while in combat as a level 5 Rogue
  • The Reward for surviving as a Rogue Agent has been increased to 1.5x the kill bounty
  • The Health Bar for Agents in the Dark Zone now only turns red when they actually become Rogue
  • A new warning icon has been added to indicate an Agent who has shot another player but has not done enough damage to go Rogue
  • Dark Zone experience leveling curve has been adjusted slightly
  • Disabled the option to transfer Dark Zone brackets as a Rogue (This prevents players using Bracket Transfer as a means to escape after becoming Rogue)
  • Removed some ropes that allowed players to reach areas that gave them an unfair advantage
Other changes
  • New Ubisoft Club Action available for participating in the Open Beta unlocking an exclusive reward in-game
  • New and improved Tutorial Video
  • Tutorial video is now available to view from t he Character Select Screen
  • Fixed two bugs that allowed players to become invisible to other players
  • Fixed an exploit with Ballistic Shield Skill that allowed players to become invincible
  • Cheat Detection and Prevention additions and updates
  • Fixed mismatch of stats that occured occasionally between Vendor Inventory and Player Inventory when item purchased
  • Adjusted player movement speed while running with a grenade in hand
  • Fixed a bug that sometimes caused other player’s name and health bar to not be visible in the Dark Zone
  • Fixed some Weapon Mods that resulted in incorrect stat values when equipped
  • Fixed some weapons that didn’t appear as Contaminated when obtained in the Dark Zone
  • Fixed a bug with the Reward Claims Vendor that caused stacks of consumables to be decreased under specific circumstances
  • Fixed a bug with stats display not updating when browing Vendor Inventories
  • Fixed a bug that caused contiuous vibration under very specific conditions
  • Fixed a very rare bug that prevented players from being able to fire or switch their weapons
  • Added mission Dialogue lines in Missing Persons: Heather Lau Side Mission
  • Several environment fixes to prevent falling through world issues in specific places
  • Multiple stability fixes (23 unique crashes fixed)
  • Server optimizations and improvements (players will receive less connection errors now)
  • Multiple localization fixes and improvements
  • Additional polish & bug fixes too numerous to mention
Crediti: Ubisoft