NBA 2K14 su PS4 e Xbox One: Patch disponibile

NBA 2K 14: PS4 vs Xbox One
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NBA 2K14 in versione PS4 e Xbox One si aggiorna. Scopri tutti i dettagli e le novità introdotte dalla nuova patch su

Ci credereste se vi dicessimo che la versione per le console di nuova generazione di NBA 2K14 è uno dei titoli più venduti su PS4 e Xbox One? Davvero, negli Stati Uniti l'ultima fatica di 2K Sports è addirittura il gioco sportivo più amato e richiesto dai gamer, superato solo in Europa da sua maestà FIFA 14. Differenze culturali che hanno messo lo zampino nelle ottime prestazioni fatte registrare da quello che potremmo tranquillamente definire come il simulatore cestistico definitivo. NBA 2K14 è infatti infinitamente superiore al rivale NBA Live 14, sviluppato dai ragazzi di Electronic Arts, e si presenta come una perla di tecnica e giocabilità anche sulle nuove piattaforme di Microsoft e Sony.

Per limare i piccoli difetti che affliggono il sistema di gioco di NBA 2K14, gli sviluppatori hanno annunciato che è disponibile una nuova patch, dedicata in particolare alle edizioni per le macchine di nuova generazione. Esatto, NBA 2K14 su PS4 e Xbox One si aggiorna, naturalmente in via del tutto gratuita, andando a inserire tutta una serie di miglioramenti e modifiche al gameplay e correzioni alla maggior parte dei problemi segnalati dagli utenti. A seguire il 'changelog' ufficiale così come riportato sul sito di 2K Sports:

  • Fixed an issue in The Park where matches were not starting appropriately, in addition to a large number of optimizations for this experience.
  • Addressed a number of issues that were known to cause disconnects during head-to-head and Team-Up gameplay.
  • Corrected an issue where an assigned dunk package would sometimes not be used in The Park.
  • Fixed a number of issues that should result in a much more stable experience for users playing in Leagues.
  • Addressed an issue where the user would encounter a lengthy blank black screen during the initial launch sequence in certain conditions.
  • Fixed a bug where user Settings weren’t properly saving in specific situations.
  • Fixed a case where the user would experience a loss of controller functionality despite having a controller turned on (XB1).
  • Fixed a case where the user would enter into an unresponsive state after a second user signed in and then subsequently signed out (XB1).
  • Fixed an issue where the title did not send game invites to all Xbox Party members when a user enters a joinable online matchmaking session (XB1).
  • The title will now receive game invites if the user is already in an Xbox Party with the host (XB1).
  • Addressed an issue where blocked users were allowed to enter matchmaking with each other (XB1).
  • Fixed an issue where the title would shut down when resuming from low-power standby (XB1).
  • Slightly reduced the shot % penalty on fouls in order to create more appropriate ‘and-1’ situations.
  • Tuned shooting percentages such that they fall more in line with our expected results.
  • Addressed an issue where teams would call timeouts back-to-back in certain situations.
  • Fixed an issue where the camera would sometimes stay on the scorer after a made shoot, often resulting in a 5-second inbound violation.
  • Passes are now more accurate along the sideline, on fast breaks, and when passed to receivers who are in the middle of coming to a stop.
  • Shortened the distance receivers are led down court (when passing) during regular transition (non-fast break) offense.
  • Fixed an issue where the rebound button would sometimes be ignored when engaged in a boxout.
  • Made several improvements to the dribbling model in order to smooth out ball movement.
  • Adjusted physics calculations on in-air collisions to make defenders ‘stronger’.
  • Tuned shot blocking logic such that defenders are more aware of attempting blocks when the ball is still rising, and less likely to target the ball on its way down (when goaltending will be called).
  • Tuned down the likelihood that poorly rated blockers will get their blocking hand in perfect position in front of the ball.
  • Players who successfully block a shot are now more aware and will have a greater chance of recovering the loose ball if it falls nears them.
  • Fixed an issue where players who shouldn’t be physically able to body-up in ride collisions were able to do so at a higher than expected frequency.
  • Tuned the body-up system in order to reduce the amount of clipping present in this sequence.
  • Made several improvements to fix overextension of player elbows during steal/rebound opportunities in order to reduce arm pops, and to improve hand/ball interaction.
  • Addressed a very rare case where a defender would snap up from the ground right after getting knocked down.
  • Pump Fakes have been tuned to correct an issue where some players would twitch when performing the fake.
  • Addressed a rare issue where the game would potentially hang after a player fouled out during a Team-Up game.
  • A new and improved ‘Beluba’ camera is now available for your use.
  • Corrected a commentary issue where the commentators would discuss (and often praise) a player for a given statistic when the sample size of the stat does not merit the discussion.
  • A number of other smaller changes have been made to address issues as well as enhance the user experience.
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